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Government IT Services

Become a modern city government to serve your residents better and in a secure, efficient manner.

Are you looking to secure, update, and centralize your IT infrastructure? But not sure where to start?

Are you searching for an IT support solution that can handle your digitization process from start to finish? Update your servers, secure your workstations, centralize your IT infrastructure, install a VoIP phone system, install Wi-Fi, and more?

In today’s complex municipal world, there’s a need for city governments to transition to a cloud environment to boost the availability and flexibility of town services. There’s also the need to embrace heavy virtual systems while simultaneously reducing IT expenses.

Keep Your Municipal Computer Network Running Securely and Efficiently

(Without the expenses of an IT department) 

Acom Integrated Solutions specializes in Managed IT support to keep your systems operational 24/7. We take a proactive approach to eliminate nearly all costly downtime and system crashes. That means monitoring your workstations, system components, and servers 24/7. The goal is to keep your network systems working and accessible whenever needed.

But how doe managed all that?

Get a Custom IT Strategy for Your Specific Problems

We understand that a municipality that has experienced a cyberattack has different concerns and requirements than a government department just looking for an IT infrastructure with unique and speedy responsiveness. The former institution, for instance, will require some sense of peace in addition to IT support.

To reach you where you are:

  • You schedule a virtual meeting with us
  • We meet you (and preferably your team of employees with a better overview of your municipality IT requirements)
  • And discuss and make inquiries to get insights into your department’s mission, vision, exiting IT infrastructure, and future requirements.
  • We then review and analyze the gained insights to curate a custom IT strategy just for you.
  • We come up with all the probable solutions and employ specific evaluation criteria to settle on the most cost-effective IT solution (without sacrificing quality)
  • Finally, we implement the solution focusing on maximizing IT efficiencies within your municipality.

Why City Halls, Police Departments, 911s, EMSs, and City Utilities Trust Acom

(And why you should too.)

We are experts in providing IT services to municipalities

We currently handle IT maintenance for the city hall, court system, police dept., sheriff’s dept., 911, EMS, City Utilities, and other municipal areas for ten local governments.

Having worked with police departments, fire departments, public works, and other departments, we understand most (if not all) special needs of city governments. We also work with municipal IT vendors to ensure a seamless support process. Think of vendors providing Tax software, GIS Mapping, BMSI, Vision, CAMA, Patriot, and more. Ultimately, our goal is to let you focus on governance and other core activities hassle-free.

We provide proactive IT support to reduce downtimes 

Besides installing, securing, updating, and centralizing your IT infrastructure, we also monitor your systems 24/7. That way, we neutralize any threat before it can affect the efficient operation of your computer systems.

In cases of unexpected system crashes, we provide a fast response.      We often prioritize network emergencies and other essential services.

We guarantee cost-effective IT solutions

We understand your need to keep your IT overhead costs as low as possible. We are also knowledgeable in municipal budgets where every penny counts, and you must account for every dime. As such, we tailor our managed IT services to your specific needs without costly over-age monthly bills.

We also appreciate your need to plan and budget for every government expense. Therefore, we provide accurate quotes, a true representation of all the necessary installations, updates, and other IT services. Generally, what we quote is what you bill.

To manage that, we train our technicians on essential evaluation techniques – to identify the most affordable solution for your needs without compromising on quality.

We provide cyber-security training to your employees 

Besides monitoring to keep your systems running efficiently, we offer engaged cybersecurity training to your teams to boost their awareness. That, in turn, helps reduce human error and consequently any human-error-based security breaches.

We can handle your multi-location units and still provide all the needed attention

No single IT problem is too small or too big. You can rely on us to decode why you’re getting an error message on opening your file. Similarly, you can count on us to help you transition into a cloud environment or embrace heavy-duty virtual systems.

The success in our support system lies in the local help desk and dedicated account managers just for you. We never stray from our core value, which is to offer maximum support to our clients.

Our technicians are wealthy of real-life experiences

We provide ongoing training to our IT technicians to keep abreast with emerging technologies. We conduct talent onboarding continuously to ensure every technician is on the same page on all matters IT.

Better still, Acom is CJIS certified, and our technicians boast numerous certifications relating to municipal software applications.

We also don’t deal in theory here. Our processes and approaches are all tested and proved. That way, we never have to learn on your hard-earned cash.

I’d Rather See Real-Life Cases (and Results)

We understand, seeing is believing. Here are a couple of success stories from our happy clients:

(Any reviews relating to local governments?)

Time to Embrace Proactive Government IT Support Services

Your city’s safety and efficient operations rely on a secure system. In today’s world, it’s imperative to maintain an efficient and secure computer network. For one, there’s the need to maintain data integrity across municipal departments. Two (and most importantly), there’s a need for effective and reliable communications with first responders. That is fire, police, and emergency personnel.

Acom Integration Solutions exists to help local governments gain highly available and highly functioning technology infrastructure to cater to digital-savvy communities. We begin our client relationships with a free, no-obligation consultation to garner all the insights about your municipality’s mission, vision, and IT needs. Schedule a no-obligation network audit today.