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Acom Integrated Solutions Provides Seamless National IT Support For American Vascular Associates

American Vascular is the nation’s fourth-largest network of vascular labs and management services. They operate a steadily growing group of labs and surgery centers, providing a range of key services to the medical staff that utilize them.

As a nationally active organization, American Vascular Associates requires consistent and seamless IT support across its many locations in order to ensure its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and other IT components are kept in optimal condition.

While they currently rely on Acom Integrated Solutions to keep their national network of IT systems running smoothly, prior to this partnership, they weren’t getting the support they needed.

Before Acom Integrated Solutions, American Vascular Associates Was Struggling With Unfriendly And Inconsistent IT Support

Prior to working with Acom Integrated Solutions, American Vascular Associates was partnered with a small IT company that wasn’t very easy to work with. They operated on a local level, and couldn’t deliver the consistent support American Vascular Associates needed across their many locations.

“The relationship that our clinic had with our previous IT provider was just so horrible,” says Megan Rice, Regional Director of Clinical Operations, American Vascular Associates.

Megan and the American Vascular Associates team knew they needed better IT support. She and a coworker in a similar position were spending most of their time dealing with IT issues instead of their other duties, which prompted them to look for a new IT company.

Once they switched to Acom Integrated Solutions, it became immediately clear to the American Vascular Associates staff that they had found the consistent and effective support they had been looking for.

“As soon as we signed on with Acom, we had network assessments at every location, we had recommendations for every location, we had just a huge level of support because of their helpdesk,” says Megan.

Right away, Acom Integrated Solutions began improving American Vascular Associates’ IT systems, and also provided a seamless support service to each and every one of their locations. Their staff and the many doctors working out of American Vascular Associates’ locations saw an instant improvement in the way their IT systems were running.

“We’re a national company, so, to get the same support in Iowa that you get in Florida is tough,” says Megan. “When we switched to Acom, we got this national company, no matter where we were, we got really good service.”

Acom Integrated Solutions Developed A Custom EMR Solution To Fit American Vascular Associates’ Exact Needs

“For most healthcare companies, our biggest concern is our electronic medical records,”’ says Megan.

EMR solutions are a critical line of business apps for organizations like American Vascular Associates. In order to treat patients properly and maintain records, the medical staff working out of American Vascular Associates’ locations need access to secure and responsive EMR solutions.

Unfortunately, the IT company American Vascular Associates worked with before Acom Integrated Solutions didn’t support their EMR systems very effectively, and even worse, made it difficult for them to migrate their data when they switched to Acom Integrated Solutions. This can be a common issue when transitioning IT companies, but fortunately for American Vascular Associates, the Acom team knew how to handle it.

“We were able to work with Acom to extract the data from our previous EMR in a way that kept it married to the patient,” says Megan. “It was completely seamless. When we brought it to the new EMR, all of the patient data existed in a meaningful way.”

Once the data had been properly migrated, then Acom Integrated Solutions got to work optimizing the solution for American Vascular Associates’ purposes. Working with the software developers in India, the Acom arranged for custom features to be implemented into American Vascular Associates’ EMR solution, which optimized it for the way their staff used it.

“We built in a vascular surgery module into our EMR that is exactly what we need,” says Megan. “In Acom we found that we had a partner that we could get to that level.”

Acom Integrated Solutions Helped American Vascular Associates Cut IT Costs By 50%

In the process of switching to Acom Integrated Solutions, American Vascular Associates was able to drastically reduce its IT expenses.

Prior to working with Acom, American Vascular Associates’ Accredited Surgery Center was paying extremely high fees to their ISP and phone vendor. As a part of Acom Integrated Solutions’ initial assessments, they identified a number of ways that American Vascular Associates could cut their costs without affecting their operations.

“We ended up switching them over to Acom, and not only did they get a better phone system and a better ISP, they also saved around $100/month on those bills,” says Megan.

Acom Integrated Solutions Is “A Lifesaver” For American Vascular Associates

“Whatever we need, we just have to call Acom,” says Megan. “It’s not just one aspect of what we do. With Acom it’s phones, computers, security, cameras, fire, access control, and HIPAA compliance.”

Since partnering with Acom Integrated Solutions, American Vascular Associates has enjoyed seamless and effective support for their entire organization. With Acom Integrated Solutions’ help, Megan can more easily do her job, and has the capability to log in to any computer across 14 locations from the same dashboard to help the users there directly.

“Acom has been a lifesaver for me,” says Megan. “Everything is handled 24/7 by their helpdesk, so I couldn’t imagine our company without Acom at this point.”