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Outsourced IT Department: Rely on Acom Networks

Hiring and equipping in-house IT can be an expensive affair, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But such businesses can still engage the services of top-notch IT professionals without hiring anyone and spending lots of money on IT infrastructure. The solution lies in an outsourced IT department.


Why Go for an Outsourced IT Department?

Outsourcing your IT department to reliable and experienced managed IT services providers, such as Acom Networks, brings a host of benefits to your business. Some main benefits of outsourcing your IT department include the following:

  • Cost-effective: An outsourced IT department costs much less than an in-house IT team since you won’t need to purchase any expensive hardware and software, and no need to hire expensive IT staff. Providers charge a flat fee every month depending on your tier of services.
  • Access to high-end IT infrastructure: Your managed IT service provider will handle all your IT needs through their infrastructure. This means you will be able to enjoy the services of high-end infrastructure without buying anything.
  • Reliable cybersecurity services: Reliable managed service providers, such as Acom Networks, have robust cybersecurity measures to ensure the security of your data and systems. These measures include premium firewalls and cloud computing.
  • Scalability: An outsourced IT department allows for flexibility and scalability. This means that you can upgrade or downgrade the services depending on the current needs of your business. And it would be simple as changing your subscription to a higher tier for more services, or a lower-tier for fewer services.

Services Provided for Your Outsourced IT Department

Your business needs a customized IT solution that meets the needs of your specific business. Partnering with Acom networks gives you access to a wide variety of IT services for the commercial, healthcare, and public sector industries.

Here are some services for your outsourced IT department:

  • IT consulting: Your in-house IT team could enhance its operations with guidance from experienced and professional IT service providers, whose personnel can cooperate with your team remotely or onsite.
  • Network design and implementation: Your business needs an effective network design but lacks the professional manpower to create and implement it. Managed service providers can help you design and implement your network at an affordable cost.
  • Network health reports: A professional and experienced external IT team can analyze and troubleshoot your network for problems, then fix them for you.
  • Network cabling and routing: Laying down IT hardware and software can be quite challenging for your young IT staff. You can outsource such services for the best results.
  • Infrastructure evaluation and recommendations: An external IT team can assess and evaluate your IT infrastructure, identify any weaknesses and provide recommendations on the way forward.
  • User web tracking: See who checks out your website, and use the data to design an effective marketing strategy.
  • Automated system updates and security patching: To enhance the security of your IT systems, you need to constantly update and patch them.
  • Round-the-clock support desk: Avails support services round-the-clock. You will never have to wait until morning to fix a problem.
  • Advanced security and protection: Providers have advanced facilities to ensure complete protection of your data.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery management: Provide quick and easy backup of your data, and quick recovery in case of a disaster. This is enabled through cloud storage.

Acom Networks: Your Reliable Partner

Acom has been in business, providing excellent IT services to small and medium-sized businesses for more than 5 years now. We have the experience and skills need to attend to your outsourced IT department and help you increase your productivity. Contact us today for more details.