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Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the success stories from our valued clients.

“Dalton was extremely helpful in resetting the pin for the telephone. It was my pleasure to have his assistance.”
Linda Harvey

Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

“Very helpful!”
Linda Hurt

DPA Capital, LLC

“This was great Kyle is the best.”
Brian Conroy

Master Wall Inc.

“Went beyond scope due to ongoing issues with the  server.”
Patsy Vaz

Paws Humane, Inc.

“Great and prompt service for Daniel Thomas at the Columbus Airport! Thank you!”
Mary Scarbrough

Columbus Airport Commision

“Took time to walk me through what to do step by step.”
Althea Suarez

Twin Cedars

“Super-duper customer service!”
Aaron Steeves


“Kyle is always efficient and knowledgeable.”
Desiree Hagmayer


“Made sure that everything was in working order before ending call. Polite and helpful.”
Sally Gowins

Paws Humane, Inc.

“Anthoney was great!”
Vicki Lindsey

Southeastern Retirement Management Inc.

“Fast service! Clear instructions! As good as it gets!”
Neil Barker

St. Joseph's Catholic School

“Timely service with pleasant demeanor.”
Carla Lanier

Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

“Your staff is very pleasant and professional. All issues are resolved quickly.”
Linda Harvey

Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

“I was locked out of my computer and needed to have access to my students files in GO IEP. The team solved my problem in a matter of minutes. Thanks so much.”
Betty Childs

Twin Cedars

“Problem solved, no down time, no wait. Thanks!”
Linda Monez

Denny, Pease, Kirk, & Morgan Attys

“AMellinger, “The response was very quick.  Thank you.”
Denise Burrell

Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

“Very helpful! My problem was solved right away.”
Dayra Brown

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley

“Fast response”
Duncan Disciorio

American Vascular Access - Corporate

“Thanks for the explanation and handling the problem quickly.”
Megan Rice

Vascular Solutions of NC

“He was quick about getting on the computer and making sure it was something that really needed to be done and made sure I did not have any other issues.”
Tonya Simmons


“Anthony was very helpful.  He explained why my original request (on Monday) was not able to be met.  He walked me through the fix and assured me I should call if this didn’t work.”
Desiree Hagmayer


“Professional timely response. Thanks.”
Carla Lanier

Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

“Awesome, task was completed quickly and we now have a wireless connection in our Center.”

“The tech was knowledgeable, professional and timely in fixing our issues.”

“Great tech support.”
Andy Hobbs


“Kyle was very polite and quickly fixed the problem I was having.”
Melissa Applebee

City of Valley

“Dalton was great to work with and got us going!”
Lee Pierson

ATO - Alpha Tau Omega House

“You guys are always friendly and helpful.”

Columbus Center for Reproductive Endocrinology

“Anthony, thank YOU, you are always so professional and personable with assistance! I appreciate YOU.”
Mary Scarbrough

Columbus Airport Commision

“Very prompt response. Handled a high priority (to us) issue efficiently.”
Megan Rice

Southpark Vascular Center