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Acom Integrated Solutions Delivers A Service That Lane Dermatology Can Be Loyal To

Lane Dermatology is a husband and wife dermatology team, working in Columbus since 2007. As an active small practice, with a penchant for developing lasting business relations with other local businesses, Lane Dermatology values working with ethical, effective partners.

That’s why they’re loyal to Acom Integrated Solutions.

Lane Dermatology Encountered Problem After Problem With Their Previous IT Company

Prior to working officially with Acom Integrated Solutions, the Lane Dermatology staff was approached many times with the prospect. An Acom Integrated Solutions staff member was one of their patients, and made sure to promote their services from time to time.

However, Lane Dermatology’s leadership didn’t want to change vendors without a good reason. They believed in being loyal to those they worked with, and furthermore, they knew that switching IT companies could be a tedious ordeal.

It wasn’t until they started experiencing issues with their IT company that they considered making a change. Problems would crop up and remain unresolved for extended periods of time. When solutions were applied, they wouldn’t last very long before the original issue came back.

“The company I was using started having more and more problems with service, things weren’t getting done,” says Dr. Josh Lane, co-founder, Lane Dermatology. “It’s a big step to change IT companies, but it reached a point where I was ready to change.”

Already familiar with a member of the Acom Integrated Solutions team, and preferring to work with local businesses, Lane Dermatology opted to partner with them.

“Acom Integrated Solutions has been tremendous, they’ve been a huge asset to our company as far as helping out through all this,” says Josh.

Acom Integrated Solutions Solves Problems The Lane Dermatology Team Doesn’t Even Know About

Immediately, the Acom Integrated Solutions team got to work to resolve any issues carried over from the previous IT company, and to identify other opportunities for improvement. It didn’t take long for them to eliminate those ongoing problems, and make further improvements to Lane Dermatology’s IT environment and associated processes.

“We had issues with the previous company that Acom Integrated Solutions very easily resolved, but they also identified other things that we didn’t know about,” says Josh. “They’ve got systems that identify problems before I even know they happen.”

A primary point of focus was Lane Dermatology’s cybersecurity. As a member of the medical industry, data security is of vital importance to Lane Dermatology, and plays a critical role in their compliance with national regulations like HIPAA.

“I don’t know half of what I need to know about cybersecurity, so that’s where I rely on Acom Integrated Solutions, to tell me the things I need to be doing,” says Josh.

Acom Integrated Solutions Is A Partner You Can Be Loyal To

Since switching to Acom Integrated Solutions, the Lane Dermatology staff hasn’t had to worry about their IT. They can trust that Acom Integrated Solutions is taking care of them day in and day out, providing a high-quality, local service Lane Dermatology can rely on.

“They have my loyalty, and I trust them entirely,” says Josh.