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Microsoft Modern Workplace – Everything You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed how businesses operate. Most have realized they don’t need to keep employees in physical offices to achieve targets. Employees, on the other hand, appreciate now more than ever the ability to work from anywhere, from any device, and still find immense fulfillment.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace empowers users to work the way they want. The tools;

  • Offer seamless communication,
  • Improved security,
  • Improved productivity,
  • More customer and employee satisfaction, and
  • Improved collaboration.

Why the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft predicts that there are trends that will change the work environment over the next five years. Some things many will notice include:

  • A breakdown of time and geographical barriers
  • Shrinking information shelf life
  • The need to create continuous, lifelong learning processes
  • The rise of digital natives
  • Increased use and impact of AI in everyday life

As Microsoft foresees these trends, there is a need to create the tools and strategies to necessitate the change. There is also a need to look into the current challenges workers face when working remotely. Modern workplaces should promote inclusion, teamwork, and collaboration.

Employees ought to share and manage information effectively to support changing needs and life stages. The tools should be designed with the best technology and services that employees will want to use daily. Among the key challenges to address are:

  • Poor communication
  • Data silos
  • Complicated processes
  • Limited mobility
  • Online safety
  • Tedious and exhaustive learning and technology adaptation processes

Microsoft Modern Workplace takes into account of;

  • How employees work in a modern office,
  • How they work in remote collaboration setups, and
  • How they work as free-spirited users.

Microsoft Modern Workplace utilizes Microsoft 365 applications and cloud technologies to offer flexibility, security, and productivity. The tools are built on the cloud to deliver enterprise-grade services for modern workers. The primary features incorporated into the workplace are:

Microsoft Power Automate

Previously known as Flow, it carries out repetitive tasks freeing users to concentrate on what matters. For example, it can combine all your social media messages into one thread instead of several separate ones. If you are contacting the same person across multiple messaging channels, Power Automate will automatically group them. The tool:

  • Increases security and speed
  • Increases efficiency
  • Eases AI integration to streamline workflows and foster collaboration

Microsoft Cloud Technologies

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based access management tool. It enables managers to control who can access what and when. The technology:

  • Reduces costs by saving more than the on-premises Active Directory infrastructure
  • Lowers IT overhead as it’s integrated with other Microsoft 365 applications, reducing complexity and increasing productivity and security
  • It gives seamless and secure sign-ins across devices

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a slack-inspired chat application that gathers all the tools required to communicate and accomplish tasks. It is available across devices and integrates with Planner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, among other apps. With Microsoft Teams:

  • People can get work done from anywhere, even when offline
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s fast, clean, and customizable
  • The tools are accessible across devices

Thanks to Microsoft Power Apps, any employee can develop apps in line with business needs through simplified app development for non-coders. The tools offer an easy way to build customized enterprise applications for reporting, data enrichment, automation, and basic business processes. Microsoft Power Apps:

  • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • Easily integrates with other applications for improved workflows
  • Help you develop in-house apps depending on your team’s needs

An example of an app could be to cross-reference contact information across different systems when it changes. You don’t have to update and merge data yourself.

Microsoft Teams enable different team sizes to communicate and collaborate. You don’t have to use emails and paper to be in the loop. Additionally, you can make real-time decisions and work together to accomplish tasks.

The major features of Microsoft Teams include:

  • Real-time messaging, voice, and video conversations within or outside organizations
  • Internal chat rooms for collaboration on projects/tasks/meetings/work matters
  • Instant access to files in the cloud
  • Shared whiteboards
  • Team-based add-ons such as time tracking, burndown charts, and integration of external applications, among others

Data Protection

With remote work setups, cybersecurity is on the rise. In the Q1 of 2020, cyberattacks increased by 17%, where 77% were targeted attacks. Microsoft is aware of these trends and has been up and running creating practical cybersecurity tools such as:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Azure Security Centre
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security

Pros of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud Technologies

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud Technologies have made the Microsoft Modern Workplace a reality. It simplifies workflows and collaboration across devices with various apps, tools, and AI integration in one place.

Below are the upsides of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud technologies:

  • It’s accessible across devices
  • Collaboration is made more accessible with chat rooms, team-based apps, and integration of different applications
  • Ensures security with adequate protection tools
  • Supports remote work setups
  • External applications integrated into productivity apps to customize workflows
  • Reduces IT overhead and complexity with cloud features that aid in the administration of various Microsoft 365 products

The various pros make Microsoft Modern Workplace a reality. It is an environment where staff members worldwide can communicate, collaborate, and accomplish tasks as a team.

Cons of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud Technologies

However, there are some cons to the new workplace reality. For instance:

  • It takes time for staff members to get used to the whole system
  • Creating an array of apps that suit business needs is time-consuming
  • Cybersecurity is still a huge concern

Despite the cons, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft cloud technologies are an essential part of today’s workplace. The platforms are the best options to offer productivity, collaboration, and security in one place. Anyone can contribute to Microsoft Modern Workplace by using the skills and expertise most needed for the business.

Who Can Help You Address the Ins and Outs of Microsoft Modern Workplace

Sometimes, it’s a challenge crafting the ideal Microsoft Modern workplace. There are many moving parts to consider from security, collaboration, and integration of apps. This is why Acom Networks exists as a solution provider to help businesses meet their IT needs with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft cloud technologies.

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